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Según la Ley Orgánica de 2/2006, de 3 de mayo, de Educación y según la disposición transitoria tercera del RD 1834/2008, de 8 de noviembre, los títulos de maestro y de licenciado en pedagogía y psicopedagogía  y los de quienes estén en posesión de licenciatura o titulación equivalente que incluya formación pedagógica y didáctica, obtenidos antes del 1 de octubre de 2009 acreditarán la formación pedagógica y didáctica a la que se refiere el artículo 100.2 de la LOE 2/2006.


In the same situation, in accordance with the established in the transitory disposal fourth of the quoted RD 1834/2008, to those who accredit to have impartido, until the term of the course 2008-2009 (30 September 2009), docencia during two academic courses complete or, in his defect, 12 months in continuous or discontinuous periods, in public or private centres of ruled education properly authorised, in the educations of compulsory secondary Education or of Bachillerato, will recognise them said docencia and equivalent to the pedagogical and didactic training established in the article 100.2 of it PRAISE 2/2006

Subsequently to 1 of October of 2009 will not exist exemption any, save for the studies of Pedagogy and Psychopedagogics. Such and as it indicates the circularof the Ministry  those who were cursando the educations to which refers the transitory disposal eighth of the Organic Law 2/2006, of 3 of May, of Education and had cursados 180 credits of the quoted educations of pedagogy and psychopedagogics of before the 1 of October of 2009, will consider that they have accredited the pedagogical and didactic training stipulated in elartículo 100.2 of the quoted Organic Law.

The teachers, the graduates in pedagogy and psychopedagogics (that they are not in the previous case) or the ones of those titulaciones that included pedagogical and didactic training, will have to realise the Máster of Secondary to access to the bodies of Chairs and Professors of Secondary Education, Professional Training and Education of languages.

The access to the Máster by part of the Technical Professors of Professional Training, can realise if they possess some titulación university like Diplomatura, Degree, Engineering, Architecture and Engineering or Technical Architecture.

Also they will be able to access the titled of the upper artistic educations for being equivalent to all the effects to some of the titulaciones distinguished in the upper paragraph.

IT IS NECESSARY to TAKE INTO ACCOUNT that, as the final disposal fourth of the RD 1497/87, the character and validity of the official titles surtirán full effects from the date of certification of the payment of the rights of the expedition of the same.

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