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History of the Faculty of Education

It does not stop being paradoxical that the Faculty of Education was one of the fmost recently created more recently in our University and that, however, is the most ancient centre of this institution.

It is a recent centre because it was created by the Spanish Decreto 153/1999, de 17 de Septiembre, of the Gobierno Valenciano Government (DOGV de 29 de Septiembre de 1999). The first article of this Decreto states that  the Faculty is created by means of the transformation of the Escuela Universitaria de Formación del profesorado de Educación General Básica.

At the same time the faculty is the most ancient centre because the antecedents of the Escuela Universitaria de Formación del profesorado de Educación General Básica date back to the 19th century when, according to the Orden  de la Regencia Provisional (1840) which authorised the creation of Normal Schools in the provinces of the country, was founded in the Colegio Santo Domingo in Orihuela the "Escuela Normal de Maestros", in September of 1844.

Nevertheless, it is not until the beginning of the course 1858-59, that this centre moved to Alicante, itoa building of the Calle Mayor, and, shortly after, it was moved to the Council Palace. Of the same period (1859) dates the creation of "the Escuela Normal de Maestras" that was jocated in the Plaza de las Monjas, in Alicante. Although during the course 1932-33 both institutions unified in the so called "Escuela Normal de Magisterio Primaria", its functioning was still independent: Escuela Normal San José de Calasanz (for women) and Escuela Normal Andrés Manjón (for men). In 1963 were transfered to the Castillo de San Fernando and in 1968 unify both normal schools, were unified, being the name of the new institution "Escuela Normal Concepción Arenal". From 1971 onwards it adopts the name of "Escuela Universitaria de Formación del Profesorado de EGB".

There is, therefore, in our faculty a derivative tradition that comes from the ancient normal schools and, at the  same time, a tradition of secular progress because of its recent transformation.

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